Intuitive Life Coaching

After studying and using the more traditional form of Life Coaching, I have since been lucky enough to discover a method, which resonates with me wholeheartedly.  I am now proud to be an accredited Thrivecraft Coach and would feel honoured to work with you, using these deeply transformational techniques. 

[Thrivecraft Coaching was co-founded by Maggie Kay in 2003 and is a unique coaching modality combining the benefits of spiritual intelligence with mainstream coaching techniques.]

"Who looks outside, dreams.  Who looks inside, awakens." 
- Carl Jung

So, what is Life Coaching?


A common definition would be "to help people move from where they are now to where they want to be".

That's absolutely great, if you clearly know where you want to be! This is where Thrivecraft Coaching has the edge over more traditional forms of coaching.

Using various techniques including meditation, I'd like to help and guide you to tap into your inner wisdom... the place where life changing decisions can be made; it is within this 'all knowing' place that the answers can be found.

Take advantage of my no obligation FREE Discovery session. There is absolutely no obligation for further appointments. Let's chat and find out if we'd like to work together.


Intuitive Life Coaching

“My experience of Life Coaching with Teresa, was one of feeling totally seen and accepted for who I am. I felt she really "got "me..and that's a rare and gorgeous blessing! The sessions felt very much personally tailored to me and I felt safe to show up to a session with her however I was feeling inside. She gently and intuitively, drew me out of myself, towards a place of congruence..where my head and heart could work together, and simple clarity could arise naturally. From here, a way forward literally seemed to present itself!"

Geraldine, Buckfastleigh, Devon

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